Osama died doing the thing he was best at. SAVING THE WORLD

Osama Bin LadenEdit

Osama Bin Laden, recruited in 6969BC, is the most courageous member of TraceR Clan. He inspired TraceR Clan to become what they are today. Without Osama the world would be a very different place. 

Al QaedaEdit

Al Qaeda are close friends of TraceR and together have saved the world numerous times. One of the most famous events was 11/9. On this day the westboro baptist church where planning on summoning jesus christ using the combined powers of the blue powerpuff girl, the omnitrix and four power rangers (the red, blue, successful white one and the negro one) inside the twin towers.

The ritual was almost complete when four brave Al Qaeda members seized control of four airliners full of westboro supporters and crashed two of them into the twin towers, destroying the ritual. One of the other planes crashed into the hexagon and the other ran out of fuel before reaching Justin Beibers home