The blob

The Blob 'chillin' in his crib

 The Blob is a mythical creature that has been known to roam and haunt the Industrial Arts department at some school. In common folklore it is said that The Blob has been around since around 1337BC. The Blob supposedly contains the same mass as the planet Neptune compacted into a human sized being and is believed to have once been an asteroid in the Kuiper belt (an asteroid belt past pluto).

Nursery RhymeEdit

The popular nursery rhyme "what colour blob will it be today" is actually written about The Blob. It is said that the original author of the rhyme had the powers to guess which colour The Blobs t-shirts would be.

The Blobs T-ShirtsEdit

In 1337BC a man named Augustin-Wade-Tristan-Joaquin Baron-Pascal-Percival-Reid-Raoul-Reynard-Archer-Barthalomew-Dante-Constantine-Galahad-Drake-Ivan invented a type of shirt that could hold large amount of masses together. It was to be called the T-Shirt. The "T" in shirt actually stands for Blob and that is why The Blob only wears T-Shirts

The Blob's Physical CapabilitiesEdit

The Blob claims he has the power to jump on to people's phones. This has however been proved by physics that this is not possible. The amount of energy required for the Blob to jump would be the approximately the same amount of energy as 1029358 nuclear bombs all exploding in the same place at the same time. If the Blob were able to jump the force of him jumping would destroy the atmosphere and the force of him landing would most likely knock the Earth out of orbit.

Moon Orbit ControversyEdit

Many people believe that the Moon Orbits the Earth however new research proves that the Earth does not have the mass for an object the size of the moon to orbit it. The moon is actually orbiting the Blob but because the Blob lives on Earth the moon appears to orbit the Earth. This is the same with satellites and other objects that appear to orbit the Earth.

The Blob's box creating skillsEdit

At one stage in his life The Blob was the worlds greatest person at making boxes and nobody knew how he did it but Sir Isaac Oldton proved that his skills came from the magical power the blob could activate by rubbing his nipples and quoting "okaymtodaymwemaremgonnambemmakingmambox"


The Blob must mumble when he is talking because he has been told by scientists that by talking normally he could cause a global catastrophe like no other. Many scientists believe by talking normally he would open a worm hole to a parallel universe causing the extinction of life and allowing faggots like Justin Beiber and Pewdiepie to grow more powerful