TraceR Anarchy in real life

TraceR Anarchy

TraceR Anarchy is known for being the only try hard at Call of Duty in the TraceR Clan, however TraceR Anarchy is perhaps TraceRs nicest and most caring member. 


TraceR Anarchy is a faithful christian and is always looking out for the well being of the people around him. Wherever he goes he seems to have a very peaceful aura and brings joy to those around him. TraceR Anarchy has taken a special liking to TraceR xMaGiCx and always makes sure he is feeling happy and secure. Anarchy is good friends with Daniel Radakovic and together they spread happiness and positive vibes.

Holy Cross

The cross Anarchy has in his room

TraceR Anarchy doesn't spend a lot of time playing video games with the other members because he is usually studying or doing homework. Anarchy is not as reckless as the other members of TraceR and believes that he must be married before having intercourse with another man.

Anarchy's Mission in Life

TraceR Anarchy's one goal in life is to get TraceR xMaGiCx laid. This will never happen though as xMaGiCx's head is simply too repulsive.

Anarchy's Favourite YouTubers

  • Pewdiepie
  • UberHaxorNova
  • Smosh


"..." - TraceR xMaGiCx

"Cares too much" - TraceR Taco

"This f**got is so f**king dog. He'll steal your kills every f**king time. Choots"-Kristy Ellis

"Meet him under the bridge at Lumbridge"- Isabel Speedie

"Soft c*nt"-Chuck Norris