TraceR Fighter


TraceR Fighter was recruited by TraceRTaco and has been a strong part of the Clan ever since. He is known for somehow making TraceRTaco rage at nearly any game they play. He is an avid Superman fan and loves LMFAO.


TraceR Fighter, derived from the band 'Foo Fighters' has an excellent taste in music and is one of the more creative members of the TraceR clan. Although he lacks basic English skills, he still manages to think of appropriate puns to fit the situation on the spot (TraceRFighter and TraceRTaco are the only members of the clan to share a liking towards puns and Taylor Swift).

TraceRFighter is known for raging in Counter-Strike source and at his PC. He is currently on his 16753747th PC after each one has failed him. He is a fan of much smaller YouTube channels such as SlyFoxHound, ImmortalHD and Smosh (We at TraceR see this as a betrayal but we let it slide). 


TraceR Fighter is very popular amongst the male population and hopes that one day will find the right guy. Tracer Fighter was once in a relationship with TraceR Anarchy but this ended when Anarchy discovered Fighter was not a male.


It is said that elderly people cannot hear Fighter talk due to his very high pitch voice which has been known to be heard by dogs from up to 9934750934775 light years away.


"My least favourite member of TraceR" - Chuck Norris

"He is the Hero this Clan has, but does not want" - Kristy Ellis

"TraceR Fighter is a gay ass faggot" - Isabel Slow