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Blow Job in real life

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User's spare tyre in action

TraceR User 64 Is a recent member of the TraceR Clan. Only other members of the TraceR clan may refer to him as User, all others must refer to him as TraceR User 64 or User 64. User 64 is a man of few words but many actions, that is why this page is so small (like his penis).

User is known for being a stereotypical troll and enjoys fucking with people. He is also known for being incredibly popular amongst the female population and is often referred as a "playa".

User's most dominant feature is his spare tyre. His spare tyre has been known to bring the boys to the yard, and quotes "damn right, its better than yours."

The nickname BJ was given to him as he blows many men for money and pleasure, he sure does make a living #Cockforcash.

He is a known for his obsession with a little girls T.V show MLP and is known to finger himself over the images of naked ponys. 'Clopper' is a term that is used to describe this childs weird behaviour.

He is known to be obsessed with memes and may have a crush on Nicholas Cage as he has a naked poster of him on his wall, many people are worried for his well being as he spends most of his time on the internet looking up unfunny jokes and memes, some people have walked in on him sitting in the dark naked watching national treasure.


"Who the fuck would do that?" -TraceR User 64

"He loves ponys but loves blowing men more" -TraceR Anarchy

"Not as much as a piece of shit as me" -TraceR xMagicx

"I hope this kid gets nut cancer" -Chuck Norris

"I've heard how unfunny this kid is but after meeting him today i think i might kill myself" -Barrack Obama

"He's as straight as a roundabout" -Master Chief

"He's a creepy motherfucker" -Kristy Ellis

"Naaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh" -Isabel Speedie